Class & Fee Information

Courses are conducted using the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation's Certification Course and Materials.  The ServSafe certification course is designed to teach the food service manager all aspects of food safety and sanitation from purchasing and receiving food to serving food to the customer.  Key issues are thoroughly discussed such as time and temperature abuse, cross-contamination, and how poor personal hygiene can lead to foodborne illness.  Other topics include:  biological, chemical, and physical hazards, proper cleaning and sanitizing, waste and pest management, and the basic principles of HACCP.  The class format includes lecture, class interaction, handouts and ServSafe instructional DVD's.  Each participant is provided with a packet of materials related to the topics discussed in the course and all necessary follow up information.          * Hours of instruction / certification depends on your jurisdiction.  This certification will satisfy all health department requirements in 95% of the United States. 

ServSafe Managers Class With Exam

Cost: $170.00 Per Person


* 6 ServSafe DVD Presentation

* All Needed Materials

* Lecture Session

* All Handouts

* Exam / Answer Sheet

* Certification Upon A Passing Score‚Äč